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Вздох облегченья!

"Я не воюю на стороне добра — но для тебя, быть может, сражусь со злом"
There have been some "marriage rumors" circulating amongst the tabloids.. based on Colin wearing a ring on his left hand and some comments made by Pride and Glory crew members.
This week Colin has commented on these rumors in two different interviews..
On "Extra" he said that he and Lake Bell are "just friends". He mentioned that he bought
the house in Hollywood so that he'd have a place to bring his son, James.

There was a press conference for the international press 16th July which was immediately reported about in Swedish evening papers ... Colin was asked about Lake Bell and he said shortly: "I am single."

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Как не пытаюсь быть разумной, все равно обидно!

"Я не воюю на стороне добра — но для тебя, быть может, сражусь со злом"
Has Farrell Wed Bell?

Hollywood hunk Colin Farrell has been seen wearing a wedding ring, prompting rumors he has married new love Lake Bell in secret.

The Phone Booth star, 30, met Bell, 27, on the set of new movie Pride and Glory, and has admitted to being in love, but remains elusive when asked if they plan to wed.
A film crew member tells Irish newspaper the Sunday World, "The set is abuzz with talk that they wed in a private civil ceremony during a shooting break.
"Colin's a changed man since he went into rehab last December. He no longer gets high and shoots from the hip; he's become quiet, reserved and utterly charming. The old Colin would have blabbed straight away if he'd got hitched. Who wears a wedding ring before they get married? Colin has it on almost every day. The one thing he does freely admit, though, is that he and Lake are very deeply in love. And he's made absolutely no secret of the fact he feels it's time to settle down, continue building his career and start to focus too on a family. " Farrell's representative refused to comment on his tell-tale ring, only saying, "I don't know, this is a private matter." The actor has already made moves to settle down in Los Angeles--he recently bought a $4.3 million home in the Hollywood Hills.
Farrell has been married once already to actress Amelia Warner and has a son, James, from his relationship with Kim Bordenave.

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Колин Фаррелл стал трезвенником!

"Я не воюю на стороне добра — но для тебя, быть может, сражусь со злом"
Colin Farrell Teetotaller: Drinks Only Coke While Out in New York

By Cris Bergman

Apr 7, 2006

One time party guy and home video star Colin Farrell was a surprise guest at the Gen Art Film Festival premiere of 'Wristcutters A Love Story' at the Chelsea West cinema on Thursday. Open All Night Media was there to capture the action or in this case - the lack thereof for Colin.In an exclusive report filed by OAN, the report from New York states that less surprising was the fact that Farrell and a group of friends spent two hours prior to the screening bellied up to the bar at the Westside Tavern, across 23rd street from the theater. Farrell graciously stepped behind the bar and posed for a photo with the bartender, a fellow Irishman, who wanted to send the picture to his ma. Nice move - sober Colin is cool. It seems Farrell’s recent rehab stint has been successful: he drank only Coca-Cola while in the bar. Farrell came to support his buddy, Shea Whigham (pictured with Colin) who stars in Wristcutters. The two worked together on the movie Tigerland. After the screening, the party moved on to the club Bed. Without alcohol for Colin - of course.

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Полнейшая ерунда!!!

"Я не воюю на стороне добра — но для тебя, быть может, сражусь со злом"
Даже не знаю, как это назвать. То ли маленький фан фик в стихах, то ли еще что-то, непонятно что. Просто однажды нашло вдохновенье, вот я и накропала это. Думаю, и так понятно, о ком идет речь. А если нет, то внизу помещу фотку для разъяснений :D

Два ирландца под окном
Пили поздно вечерком.
«Кабы я героем был, -
Первый от тоски заныл, -
Я б тогда известным стал.
Сволочей бы не играл.
Все меня бы уважали,
Роли с толком предлагали».
«Ну и что, что я герой? –
Хмуро говорил второй. –
От известности и славы
Уж тошнит меня неслабо.
Хоть напейся до хрена –
Всюду камера видна.
«Не фотографы! Отстой!
Хрен со славою такой!»
«Ну, уж это ты загнул, -
Первый жалобно вздохнул. –
Мне б чуть-чуть твоих проблем.
Я другим бы стал совсем.
Нужен я сейчас кому?
Мразь играю я одну!»
Пива вновь второй отпил:
«Я б со славой не спешил.
Роль твоя не мразь совсем.
Не ищи себе проблем».
«Знаю! Знаю я тебя! –
Первый хныкал втихаря. –
И легко тебе сказать.
Как мне славы не искать?!
Я о роли той мечтал.
Твой дружок ее умял!
Мне ж другая роль осталась,
Сволочь как всегда досталась».
«Да не хнычь ты! Толку мало, -
Вновь вздохнул второй устало. –
Мой «дружок» не виноват.
Двести пятый раз подряд
Тебе это повторяю!
Успокойся, умоляю!»
«Я спокоен, - буркнул первый. –
Это просто… просто нервы».
«Выпей лучше, легче станет.
Друг тебя ведь не обманет».
Первый пива взял с тоскою.
С жизнью делать что с такою?...

На фотке - последствия пьянки :D :drink:

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